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Claim Advocacy

Our claims team provides all-day, every-day support and advocacy.

Dedicated support

Should an issue arise, you will have a single claims specialist to guide you through the process and continually monitor progress until a settlement is finalized.

We also advise on and arrange for risk-management solutions—in partnership with outside resources as needed—during and after recovery, to help ensure that the same issues don’t resurface. Simply put, we are the first, and only, call you need.


Claims process

Should a loss occur, your private client team will respond rapidly and remain personally involved throughout the recovery process, from mitigating damage to finalizing a settlement and everything in between.

  1. Call your account executive or our 24/7 claims number: (800) 221-5830
  2. A dedicated claims specialist will be assigned to your case
  3. We will guide you through the process from notice letter to filing a claim
  4. Our team will partner with you and work directly with the insurance carrier
  5. Our specialists will advocate on your behalf for a fair settlement
  6. We will introduce loss prevention techniques after resolution
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Ready for anything

Visit our Disaster Response Center for information on disaster preparedness and recovery.

Disaster Response Center